• Places to be visited : City Tour, Pacaya Samiria, Iquitos.
  • Type : Archeological and Cultural Airfares : Not included, available upon request Feel free to ask for extra services, this tour is customizable.



Day 1: Iquitos - Tambo Amazonico Lodge

You will be met at the airport by one of our native guides who is trained in Amazon ecology. On the way to the dock you will have a brief tour of the 19th century colonial city, and its places of interest. At the dock you will board a typical Pamacari

boat and navigate down the Amazon River for 4 hours, beginning your adventure. The majestic Amazon River is 4,000 miles long on its way to the Atlantic Ocean, and has 200 different species of fish. You will see interesting places along your river travel, until you arrive to the Tambo Amazonico Lodge where we will have lunch. In the afternoon we will hike to visit a bird community to observe macaws, parrots and other colorful birds, that are attracted to the mineral salts of the giant Machimango Tree. Bring some extra T-shirts because you will also have an opportunity to trade them for or buy local crafts in the village of Jaldar. Here we will have dinner. Bring your flashlight for an exciting evening boat ride in search of Black Caiman or other nocturnal creatures. At night there will be a night expedition in search of alligators. We will then return for dinner and bed.


Day 2: Tambo Amazonico Lodge - Pacaya Samiria National Reserve

After breakfast you'll want your binoculars and camera for the early morning boat excursion to the Yarapa Creek for birdwatching. The Yarapa is known for it's many hidden lakes where you'll find the primitive Hoatzin Birds nesting in thorny palm trees, and Horned Screamers roosting on giant lily pads. We will then leave the Yarapa behind and continue south down the Amazon (remember, the current of the river flows south to north) where you´ll pass through the joining of the rivers Ucayali and Maranon. This is the actual point where the two great rivers meet to form the Amazon River. We will then continue up the Marañon River making a brief stop in the small town of Nauta before arriving at the mouth of the Yanayacu-Pucate River, the entrance into the Reserve. We will look for large groups of pink dolphins feeding here. We will stop in the village of 20 de Enero (January 20th) to visit the forest police checkpoint. (You will also get a chance to see the artificial beaches where villagers are raising Taricaya and Charapa Turtle eggs as part of the reserve's conservation efforts.) We will then continue up the Yanayacu to the village of Yarina. Here you will learn about local and native life. Yarina is the last settlement on the Yanayacu River and will be our base. Here you'll get a chance to stretch your legs with a late morning hike along the Shushupe Trail, where you may see Squirrel Monkeys, Huapo Negros, Pichicho, or White Mustachioed Tamarins. We have also seen larger rodents like Anuje, and Majaz scurrying along the path, there are also endless trails of Leaf Cutter Ants. After lunch we will continue up river to Japon Cocha (Lake Japan) where you will discover an amazing diversity of giant trees and palms. This lake is literally teeming with aquatic fauna such as King Fishers, Horned Screamers, White Heron wading on the banks of the lake, and trees filled with Cormorants and Anhingas. Squirrel Monkeys, Woolies, and Tamarins are abundant. You and your guide will also paddle your way into the Quebrada Martin Caño to explore. We will then return to Lake Japan for dinner and to camp out in tents at the lake.


Day 3: Pacaya Samiria National Reserve

We will have an early morning and then take a boat into the Quebrada San Juan (San Juan Stream) and El Fraile for spectacular birdwatching. Here you'll be able to observe Scarlet, Blue, Red and Yellow Macaws, with many other exotic bird species. We will return to Yarina for breakfast. It will then take a full day to get to Chingana Creek where you'll quietly paddle in search of Howler Monkeys and Saimiris. The jungle here is thick and the trees have grown to form a canopy over the creek, creating a primate "super highway". Here we will eat packed lunch. Back out on the Yarina, you'll get a chance to see the primitive and mysterious Amazon Pink River Dolphin and dive in for a closer look! After will be an excursion to Pasto Lake, where families of Giant River Otter make their home. We will then Continue the journey into the Del Huapo Stream to observe giant Lupuna and Renaco Trees. This is also an excellent area to view Macaws. After we will return to Yarina. In the evening we will take a boat ride in search of Black Caiman and other nocturnal creatures such as Night Jars, Hawks, Owls, Tiger Heron and Great Potoos. To follow will be dinner and camping out in tents.


Day 4: Pacaya Samiria National Reserve

After breakfast we will begin the most interesting part of the whole journey, having the opportunity to observe the pink and gray dolphins. We will then go on a fishing tour and hunt with arrows, under the direction of our native guides. With great care, you will observe to have the opportunity to see some enigmatic river wolves that live in big family flocks in burrows. We will then have lunch. After we will take a walk until we reach some ponds where huge Black Caymans (alligators) that can measure up to 6 mts long. We will then return to Pona Cocha for dinner and to spend the night in tents.


Day 5: Pacaya Samiria National Reserve - Iquitos - Lima

We will have breakfast and the return to Iquitos. Whenever you're ready we will transfer you back to the airport.



  • - 1 night accommodation at the Tambo Amazonico Lodge.
  • - 3 nights camping at the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve.
  • - In and out transfers.
  • - All applicable taxes.
  • - Bilingual guided tours.
  • - All meals as indicated in the itinerary.

Custom made programs may be prepared for groups with special interests. Extra nights, optional starting and ending points, additional tours and extra flight reservations may be arranged upon request. All tours may be provided in private upon request as well.

NOTE: If you have a large group, please contact us to work out the best price.



ADULT $700


NOTE: consider that you have to pay half before coming here and later completing when you arrive


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